Redemption Terminals

SAFECASH Secure, Controlled & Reliable Payout Solution for Video Gaming Operations.

SafeCash was designed by United Coin, a route operator with 50+ years of experience and 20 years using their safe systems on their routes.

A proven & tested solution for bar video gaming operations in Illinois video gaming market. With more than 800 SafeCash systems in operation in Illinois.

An advanced cash management system that secures your video gaming cash and provides a controlled framework for managing gaming payment transactions and reporting. With the back-office system locally managed and the cash drawer separate from your primary operation, balancing your gaming financials is easier, more accurate, and most importantly more secure. Controlled access to the cash also means 100% accountability.

QuickPay+, the most capable and flexible VGT payout solution on the market today.

  • Increase visibility and interaction with a 15" LCD with 8 soft keys
  • Select payout denominations with 2 or 4 programmable cassettes
  • Easy identifiable illuminated entry points
  • Keep sensitive information prive and secure with an Encrypted PIN pad
  • Print receipts and other documents with a fullgraphics printer
  • Highly accesible front-loading storage unit
  • Maintain floor space and tidiness with a compact size
  • Support multiple resolutions on single screen with autoscaling function
  • Lockable reject bin
  • Barcode scanner
  • 3 Coin Hoppers
  • Bill acceptor
  • Large coin capacity
  • Validated ticket stacking